ABO Guide to inclusion in sports

This guide has been developed by the (ABO) Adaptive Boxing Organisation CiC to support Pro and Amateur Sports Partnership (PASP) which Xercise4less https://www.xercise4less.co.uk/ (Rugby) Waterfront boxing gym (Leicester) has been our training camp offices for ABO to strengthen public sector engagement with Adaptive people with access for a wider spectrum called disabled. It provides both a guide for organisations to improve the engagement process as well as demonstrate examples of good practice from which lessons can be learned or replicated. While the guide’s title refers to engaging Adaptive people, successful engagement needs to also involve Adaptive people themselves, their families, guardians, carers and assistants of Adaptive people, people who work for Adaptive organisations in a paid or voluntary capacity, public advocates, academics and others with an active interest in Adaptive sports. The resource was developed with the support of interested parties including Adaptive people, family members of Adaptive people and organisations that support Adaptive people. Many of these partners have many years of experience working and supporting Adaptive people which has had minimal improvement on Adaptive inclusion of sports. Four out of five Adaptive people are currently not active, but seven in ten want to increase the amount of physical activity they take part in. This highlights a latent demand for more opportunities and ways to enjoy being active and include a wider selection of Adaptive into sports. There is great need to understand Adaptive people’s needs in sport and physical activity and use that knowledge to develop new routes to market and technology to assist. The sector needs to provide additional technologies, which will help alternative and innovative ways to engage Adaptive people, so there is a range of opportunities, which provide more choice and encourage Adaptive people to participate. It has been recognised by ABO that more amateur and professionals working in the sport and physical activity sector would benefit from resources including technology and tool-kits to enable them to positively engage with Adaptive people. Forming new relationships with new partners which have not been approached before can not only help to access more participants, but it also reaches out to new channels for volunteering, promotion and funding. Some of these new partners include those based in the non-sports sector and those that work and support Adaptive children and adults as well as Armed Forces..

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This resource is aimed at those people working with ABO who either have a direct or indirect responsibility for sport for Adaptive people, to help increase the participation of this under-represented group. The resource hopes to teach professionals how to effectively engage services that support Adaptive people so that they can have the choice and opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity. Within this resource, you will be given a basic understanding of some key policies to demonstrate the effect and opportunities that these strategies can bring to others. It also highlights the importance of effective engagement and how to effectively engage Adaptive people. Examples in Safety should be included alongside a table of organisations that need to be considered for positive engagement and successful sports development for Adaptive people

Blackout FightsLLC & Colin Wood Designing new safety aids to help inclusion of contact sports.