Adaptive Boxing and (MMMA) Modified Mixed Martial arts, which has been designed by Colin Wood, to enable Adaptive Athletes to be able to compete in the sport under. (ABO) Adaptive Boxing and MMMA rules and regulations.
Discussions are already under-way with Olympic Committee for Adaptive boxing to become eligible as a Paralympic sport for 2024.

(ABO) and Co support amputee (leg and arm) Athletes and willing to consider licensing amputees should they meet the stringent medical standards required.

(ABO) organisation to act as an umbrella organisation for the promotion of Adaptive sports be the mentor for variety of combative and martial arts disciplines aiming to promote the sport of Boxing and Martial Arts throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and to a wider global audience, and to also encourage the widest possible participation in Adaptive sports to assist, as much as possible, all clubs, societies, schools, colleges, Adaptive sporting individuals in their quest for success and participation(Inclusion). (ABO) also aims to bring together other organisations such as Macmillan, Fighting for Autism to share resources and benefit from each other’s experience in Adaptive sports and after care of servicemen and woman.

Aims Objectives and Targets

(ABO) was founded for people with disabilities who wish to train and compete in contact sports like Boxing, Martial Arts. We have recognised that there is currently the lack opportunities and platforms to train and compete to their optimum by using the philosophy of Adapt, Overcome and Achieve, our aim is to make a positive impact that will hopefully pave the way for a new generation of adaptive athletes and coaches that will inspire others to make a positive change. On December4th, 2015 Phil Bousfield and Paul Robinson made British history asthe first wheelchair Boxers to compete against each other in a bout that took into consideration the additional needs of the boxers, and tailoring the bout accordingly, making it accessible for the athlete to compete fairly and interesting to watch by spectators, under the Wheeled Warriors system each competitors health and safety come first and of equal importance is that each bout is regulated as such.

Following the positive feedback from footage of the event, Wheeled Warriors have beenapproached by multiple individuals who have the desire to compete and raise avital and positive message that disability does not define a person.
Paul and Phil also wore the logos of Charities and organisations like Fighting For Autism, The Limbless Association and The Warriors Assemble awards to show support to others as well,and act as a true means of support towards all disabilities and encourage the next generation of adaptive athletes . The development of Wheelchair Boxing, has been the passion of CEO for (ABO)Colin Wood and the Adaptive athletes who have taken part and want to take part in future events we have been very fortunate to have had the fantastic support of the Spiritual Warriors Gym in Coventry which is run by Anthony Pillage looking to adapt formats to enable people ofall disabilities to be We are a non-for-profit organisation whose aim is to improve the standard and expand the range of services available for Competitive Combat Sports for adaptive athletes.

In order todo this we aim to ascertain funding from sponsorships, grants and funding that will allow not only these sports to blossom, but allow people to actively get involved with making adapting and innovating ideas that genuinely make a sustained difference to those with a disability.

Our Outcome

On the success of the bout that took place n the 4th of December, (ABO) will be laying on further events, which aims to highlight up and coming talent. Upon realisation of the ability of being able to adapt a sport traditionally viewed as exempt for those with a disability, we are also looking at other sports as well with view to offering introductions to so many other sports and activities that could really make a massive difference to a lot of peoples lives.

We truly believe that by tailoring a sport to an individuals needs, really enhances the possibilities of progression, encourages a healthy lifestyle, offers the chance of gaining new skills, accepting new challenges and importantly making new friends.
The biggest part of each new activity or sport that is adapted is the importance of the input, knowledge and point of view of the individuals that are destined to take part , that is what will ultimately allow each one of these to flourish, the boxers who took part in the event on the 4thof December, continue to build the foundations of the sports along with the future generations that have now want to face the same challenges, not just competitively but also innovation and ideas that open the doors for more sports adapted for disabled people to progress and flourish.

Future Goals

  • Adaptive Boxing, Boxercise and Competition for any Disability
  • Adaptive Cross-fit- with the realistic possibility of having both disabled and able bodies competitions being able to compete against each other in set events
  • Introduction to Hand biking
  • Introduction to Wheelchair Rugby
  • Adaptive Martial Arts, As there as so many different categories of martial art, we have explored and established to the possibility of having clubs cater for those with a disability.

Our team

(ABO) organisation to act as an umbrella organisation for the promotion of Adaptive sports be the mentor for variety of combative and martial arts disciplines aiming to promote the sport of Boxing and Martial Arts throughout the United Kingdom

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